About Mid America Mortgage Southwest

About Mid-America Mortgage Southwest

At Mid America Mortgage Southwest, Inc., we treat each customer as an individual, not a number. We don't place you into a loan profile formula created by the banking industry. We use "common sense" and will help you obtain the best loan possible for your unique situation. We represent a wide range of "A" rated lenders with first quality rates to private "hardship" lenders.

We work with more than 100 investors. This allows us to get you the best rates on all types of loan programs including: 30yr mortgage, 20yr mortgage, 15yr mortgage, 10yr mortgage, 1yr ARMS, 3yr ARMS, 5yr ARMS, Conventional, Jumbo, Home Equity Lines, FHA, VA and Commercial. Best of all, we can close most loans within 30 days!

Whether your situation calls for Full Documents, Reduced Documents, No Documents, Non-Owner Occupied (Investor) or Multi-Family, we'll fit your needs! Give us a call today at 972-723-2611!

Benefits of working with Local Mortgage Broker:

  1. Lower Rates –  Since we are a smaller company with less overhead, we focus on the lowest rates.
  2. Lower fees – Since Mortgage Broker’s Compensation is regulated by law we have seen these fees come down and benefit borrowers.
  3. Knowledge – Mortgage brokers are usually more educated and experienced because of strict qualifications and licensing requirements.
  4. Faster and Easier Process – A common misconception is that a broker has no control over his business, but must rely on the actual lender to close the loan. 
  5. Smaller Company = Better Customer Service – Brokers have more time to work on a personal level. Bankers work in volume and do not have time to provide personal service.
  6. Wholesale Vs. Retail – Brokers sell wholesale, bankers sell retail.
  7. Ability to Shop – Brokers have various lenders in their portfolio, so we can effortlessly shop for you. Bankers cannot shop around and sometimes are unable to even get your loan approved.
  8. Full Disclosure – All Brokers must be completely transparent when disclosing the closing costs to the borrower, even including their compensation. Bankers do not have to disclose their fees or compensation.
  9. Licensing Qualifications – Brokers have many more laws to abide by and are more heavily licensed than bankers.



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